Jul 8, 2011

rendering bar straff

ok just two minutes ago i realized that rendering is there!! prof.fassini why u r so sad?? ahahhaha mamma mia x) do u believe is coincidences?? 
by the way i couldnt choose one of them..soo i put both of them..
i said why, he said why not? puff!!
open your windows..
we love Milano

my mickey mouse made my day..

allora;) im gonna put the photo of him..this morning i woke up and ta taaa ahaha still laughing:)) so cute. then final presentation for feltrinelli it was amazing too happily but during the day i was so..something..like..omg!! school is going to finish no wayy"" situation :( then we went to corso como 10 and...ok bastaa like dairy yess;))

this is my world..
where is yours?
goodnite everyone...