Aug 31, 2011

LUCCA the heaven one..

hoppaa Luccaa:))) 

Actually I went for Amy Winehouse concert.. she went heaven and made me go to visit for 2 days also..thanks thanks & like like!! by the way date: 16 July 2011..Im quite late&lazy huh? ;) enjoy :)

My Lucca map is at home in Milan cannot remember the name of piazza :/ sorry:)

ohooow :c

amazing narrow streetitas ;))

room sweet windows&doors..

my first beach time of 2011 ..fffff 

such a perfect combination..isnt it??

Officially; Italiaaa Italiaaaa ...

love bici conversations ..

walk & feel 

just in first minute ;)

keep go goo.. get lost lost..

we say 'tas tas ustune' in Turkish :Pp

traces.. you cannot erase...

pizza the mamma mia!!

Piazza Anfiteatro..that spent amazing nite

resting time..castle handles..

lets discover and record..

she was...omg!!! listening him..the music..and feeling..i want a daughter like her..i was her soul while listening..but really..

YES!! exactly!


again found an antique bazar..i bought two coffee cups and one ash tray..

i think..train stations are amazingly inspirational ...

so exciting for me..coins..and then waiting for junkies x) wihuuww


sandy situations

stripe baby

shake shake shake it;pP

cat eyes..meaww ^^

delicious octopus salad

goooood morning Lucca

and heaven garden..

I bet you wanna go too :)) 
see ya later..