Aug 19, 2011

merhaba:)lets start again..ok first primi piatti ;)

far from technology so close to sea sun and peace..amazing holiday...but also i missed my blog..i ate too too much during this.. lots of days that i was in Turkey. My mexican honeybunny came to Turkey..and we just ate ;P I'm gonna put some photos also about our triple city vacation. But first a little bit summarize about what we ate ate ate...part 1-enjoy :)
my mum style;)

this too..interesting fruits and vegetables..she is adorable:)

don't you know?! omg..Kumru

Fresh pistachio and Turkish coffee

Sea beans. but really delicious

sea asparagus

Urla - Begendik Abi Restaurant..Try..everything is delicious 


Choose..or if u cannot decide order all of them like we did;)

Kalburabasti..delicious desert
My Greek neighbours Restaurant in Alacati Port..Porta Maria..if you are around Alacati, you will see lots of photos later on..everything..amaaziing!!!

sleep the salt^^

this is my number one!!!! i tried but cannot not get the recipe big secret :c AMAZING!!

Maria's handmade jams..

fig jam..

did u ever taste? amazing!! pistachio jam

Icli Kofte

Kosebasi Restaurant-this is what we say 'serefe'

Real kebab is that guys:)

Casita Restaurant-Bodrum kebap and manti

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