Oct 29, 2011

Sampedro was in Ankara :)

Nice day for posting my new post huh? :)

August 2011
This is what we did in Ankara..

after arriving to home
first stop Aspava
still her number one ;)

They say - when it is ur first time sleeping at smo's home
put a key under ur pillow
and see ur husband to be
in ur dream x))
Guess who was this lucky guy?!


Turkish lessons go on
afiyet olsun
merhaba kizlar
hesap lutfen

oooo my babys <3

soo cute man!!

baby is cominnnnngg!!!
Im gonna be "Nesli Teyze" ;)

breakfast in Ankara with Sampdro and Starck ;)

And we visited Anitkabir
Literally memorial tomb
the mausoleum of Ataturk.

a letter to Ataturk from Mexican in Spanish..
Nice isn't it?

It was Ramadan as Sampedro knows -not eating party:)

my tatlim did my bracelet by herself!!!!

The castle of Ankara

roofs / blankets

sorry Im quite lazy for rotating this one ;P
but u can rotate ur head or laptop x)

Hamam-Turkish Bath

And going to Alacati!!!! :)))

coming up..
Sampedro was in Alacati ;)
see ya!

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  1. nice post... :)))ne zaman dönüşş.